Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Text To Win

Buffalo Coca-Cola is rolling into the summer months utilizing two of its partners and social media.  During the months of May and June, consumers can enter a "Text To Win" contest to be eligible to win amusement park tickets.

Buffalo Coca-Cola has partnered with NOCO Express and Darien Lake Amusement Park to present this offer.

The program works by Buffalo Coca-Cola, NOCO Express, and Darien Lake calling out to its social media followers so that they can enter to win a Family 4 Pack to Darien Lake. The consumers are instructed to visit the Coca-Cola section of any NOCO Express location. There they will find the "Text To Win" instructions.

This type of promotion attracts all those who utilize social media platforms to our brands.

Coca-Cola and NOCO Partnership

On April 24th and 25th, NOCO Express, a 35 location C-Store chain located in Western NY, held their quarterly meetings at the Buffalo Coca-Cola Bottling plant.  All NOCO Location Managers along with NOCO's Management, Marketing, and Administrative Staff were in attendance.

On their agenda was a presentation of the upcoming Coca-Cola sales programs from Bruce Derry, Buffalo Coca-Cola's Key Account Manager.  The NOCO guests were also treated to a guided tour of the production facility by Ken Spoth, Buffalo Coca-Cola's Production Manager.

Coca-Cola Bottling Company has long valued its partnership with NOCO and in doing so opened its doors to the entire NOCO Express staff.

Ken Spoth, Buffalo Production Manager, Guides NOCO guests through the facility.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Walmart Black Friday 2 Liter Success

"I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you about the success the Buffalo Walmart Team had in selling in 106 Pallets for a last minute 3 Day Sale at $.75, on Coke Two Liters, in our 11 Western New York Walmart’s. This was a team approach where I went into every Store Manager at Walmart and coordinated an average order of 10 Pallets from each store, of Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, and Sunkist. This was the First time that Walmart had asked Coke to participate over Black Friday. The problem was that the Stores put up TV,s, and Big Ticket Items for Black Friday, and our Reps and Merchandisers have to put up the display on Wednesday. Then the stores take the displays down on Thursday, and our people have to rebuild the displays on Friday morning. I want to recognize Kristy Setzer, Matt Stahlman, Tom Masterman, Detrich Jacobs, Bill Brian, Phil Marasciulo, Melissa Holmes, Keith Chudoba, and Eric Geisendorfer and their Merchandisers for going beyond the call of duty. I coordinated with all these reps what to order and they followed up on each order, and went into each store at 5AM on Black Friday. To put back up their pallets of 2 Liters, move numerous pallets blocking their pallets in the back room, and achieving prime #1 position in most stores over Pepsi, and + CH Wright who had the same promotion.  Joe Litwin forecasted 79 Pallets in Prism and we shipped 106 Pallets or 4,274 Cases of Two Liters. After the 3 day sale we sold 3,040 Cases(24,320 Bottles) of 2 Liters, with only 30 Pallets left in Inventory. During the same 5 days last year we shipped only 742 Cases. I am proud to work with my Walmart team, because all the reps showed me how dedicated they really are. By working extra hours, to make this difficult last minute request from Walmart, during a crazy retail event, a tremendous success! The other great news is that we have maintained our Number 1 Position on Displaying Two Liters at $1.00 this week, and we will maintain this presence throughout the Christmas Retail season." 

- John Ruffino, Home Market Sales Trainer

"We would also like to acknowledge John Ruffino, as he has passed the credit down he as much as all made this a success for us as well" 

- Matt Spillane, Director of Sales & Marketing

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nice Initiative by Greg Baker Jr. at TOPS Derby!

 "Greg Baker Jr., an AOM Hybrid Account Manager held a sampling at Tops # 268 in Derby NY. Greg dressed as Santa and sampled Sprite Cranberry and Sprite Cranberry Zero to the customers. Great initiative taken by Greg who also had a 2 Liter display built around a 4 x 4 ATV provided by Weaver Motor Sports. Pictures of this activity have also been posted to Buffalo Coca-Cola's Facebook and Twitter accounts."

-Tony Caruana, Field Sales Supervisor 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Green Bottle Success!

This holiday season, we set our Green Bottle objectives high by building 44 Canada Dry Centerpiece Displays and ordering 96 Canada Dry Full Product Trees totaling 140 Display Opportunities in our market.

I am very pleased to report that we were able to sell in 139 Green Bottle Displays an increase of 209% over 2012. This is an incredible success story.

In addition to our successful launch of the 2013 Green Bottle Display Program, the Mid-Management Team set a goal to track each location of our Green Bottle Tree Displays to measure cases sold to provide insight for future planning.  For those of you who coordinated with me during our launch, I want to personally thank you for working with us and the additional bureaucracy we added to the process.  For the 7 displays that are in our market without making it on my tracking sheet, congratulations on selling in your displays as well.

Having said that, I wanted to take some additional time and further acknowledge 4 Account Managers who sold in the most recorded displays.  (These results are final)

Hybrid - Greg Baker Jr. sold in 17 Displays

Hybrid - Luke Nuttle Sold in 16 Displays

AOM - Joe Henderson sold in 8 Displays

Chain - Tom Masterman sold in 8 Displays

Thank you to the above and to all our Account Managers for believing in and promoting the Green Bottle Display Program.

-Brad Bureau, Space Development/Category Manager

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Buffalo Coca-Cola Gains New Business!

All six Coffee Culture locations have signed on with Coca-Cola. They will be carrying 20 oz. Bottles, Water, and some juice. Enjoy!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Coca-Cola Buffalo Gains New Business with Tempo!

"We have just converted Tempo over to Coke Aluminum Bottles. They have been a long time competitive customer and finally have joined the Coke Family!

So, if you're looking for a high-end restaurant for dinner, add this one to the list."

-Rich Noetzel, Business Development Representative 
Located at 581 Delaware Ave  Buffalo, NY 14202